The Absurdity of Oneness – A Day in the Life of the Divine

UniverseYou wake up in the morning and get out of yourself, then visit the bathroom to get rid of some of yourself into yourself and brush yourself off your teeth using yourself.

For breakfast, you prepare yourself using yourself then eat yourself off yourself. Maybe you enjoy a nice steaming drink of yourself out of yourself too. Yum!

You dress yourself in yourself before heading out to drive yourself in yourself to yourself, where you spend the day interacting with yourself countless times. All that to earn more of yourself to put into yourself. Cha-ching!

You drive yourself back to yourself in yourself, then you open yourself and greet yourself with a hug and kiss. You sit on yourself at yourself, then eat yourself off yourself with yourself.

If you’re really lucky, after that you’ll make love to yourself before falling fast asleep on yourself.

Sweet dreams…

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